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VF-Concept Sp. z o. o. today:

VF-Concept is a new, rapidly growing company in the fruit and vegetable processing industry, which is still developing and offers a wide range of new products. We have implemented and certified international standards of quality (International Food Standard, Certificate of Organic Production). We follow the principles of HACCP System and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The implementation of new technologies in the production of frozen fruits and vegetables was often appreciated by our business partners.

VF-Concept has been cooperating with the leading brands for many years. We also participate in international conferences (International Raspberry Conference) and take an active part in innovative projects. Currently, our Company owns one of the most modern plant in Poland.

VF-Concept for many years successfully develops and increases the production of organic fruit and vegetables, thanks to the location in the Valley of Organic Food. The cluster supports companies and farmers that are concerned with organic production. From the year 2016 VFC has partnered with local Associations of Organic Producers.


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Did you know that...

We offer wide range of Individually Quick Frozen fruits and vegetables - products are quickly frozen and free from clumps

Thanks to IQF technology, all natural ingredients of fruits and vegetables remain unaffected from freezing until defrosting

Our advantage is the freshness and quality of our product

Only best local conventional and ecological fruit and vegetables are finding their way to our coldstore from our long-term suppliers

In 2012, the company has received Honorable mention in the ranking of e-Business Gazelle-a ranking of the fastest growing small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses

We work with many reputable companies throughout the European Union

VF-Concept except of Poland , exports frozen fruit and vegetables to countries like: Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Serbia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine